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I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I'd love to fill you in on a couple of things happenin' right now.  First of all, a new record is in the works, as I recently started tracking with Steve Barber down at Scott's Addition Sound!  I guess I did more writing last year than I had remembered, so compiling the song-list wasn't as tricky as it can often times be.  Tentatively, the album will feature 6 tunes, with each one featuring some aspect of great local talent, so look forward to a mid-year release! 

As my catalog expands, I've noticed that my songwriting is beginning to shift back towards some of my earlier sounds, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.  This sort of thing would've freaked me out a few years ago, but I've learned that it's best to just go with what feels right and see where that takes you.  That's all for now, talk to you soon...   

**Please don't forget to check my SoundCloud page often, as I tend to post some free downloads and fun covers from time to time. 


"I have been meaning to listen to Jared Jones and Lust Not Love for quite some time. Everyone I know has been raving about how amazing Jones is as as songwriter and musician and I kept putting it on my list to check out. I finally get around to listen to him and I’m kicking myself for not listening sooner. Jones has a great deal of talent and his music is a nice blend of acoustic rock and upbeat jams. Don’t put off listening to him like I did. You’ll enjoy it."


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